Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to become an Explorer?

  1. Must not not have a record of arrest or convictions for felony offenses or drug related offenses.
  2. Must main a “C” average or better in scholastic studies.
  3. Must be of high moral character

Are the Explorers required to pay for anything?

The Explorer Post will purchase the necessary equipment and apparel needed for each individual Explorer. However the Explorer is expected to pay the Boy Scouts of America’s (BSA) annual membership fee of $34.00. The fee is to pay for insurance coverage provided for any injury that may occur during any Explorer activity.

Will I be declined if I have a disability?

Depending on the type or severity of the disability. We do expect Explorers to participate in physical training and if you have any disabilities or impairments paperwork is required from a Medical Doctor (MD) stating you are clear for physical exercise and training. Ultimately, your application will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and they will make the final decision if you are accepted or denied into our program.

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