In Memory of Sgt.Anders

Remembering Sergeant Dennis Anders – Today, Aransas Pass PD lost a fellow brother in law enforcement, the Honorably Retired Sergeant Dennis W. Anders. Sgt. Anders passed away in the hospital while surrounded by family.

Sgt. Anders began his law enforcement career back on January 12, 1994 working as a jailer for the Aransas County Sheriff’s Office.  In April of 1994, he took on the status of reserve police officer for Aransas County and quickly became a full-time police officer. On June 4, 1996, Dennis joined the Aransas Pass Police Department and began his life-long journey in Aransas Pass.

Sgt. Anders was most well known for his annual Cops for Tots car show and toy drive. Sgt. Anders and his motor club folks would generate thousands of toys and food donations for the holiday season. Additionally, Sgt. Anders was able to gather up so many toys for Aransas Pass kiddos that it took many vehicles and trailers in our fleet to transfer all of them. Not only did he give back to the kiddos, he was huge on giving back to the needy and many of our less fortunate families.

Sgt. Anders began what we continue to this day, the Sgt. Anders Family Meal Baskets program. This program collects donations from the public and uses that money to provide complete meals to those families in need within our community. The event has become so successful, this past year we had more than enough food to feed all the families that requested meals during the holiday season. Sgt. Anders loved this time of the year, the holiday season.

Sgt. Anders remains loved by many throughout the community, but none more than us men and women within law enforcement. Not only did he do so much for our community, but he was also the fabric for department morale. Sgt. Anders was all about the well-being of his troops and making sure they and their families were healthy and well. If they weren’t, he swooped in to quell the unpleasantry and uplift their wellness. One Christmas in the past, Sgt. Anders surprised former Assistant Police Chief Bill Haines by completely decorating his home for Christmas. Chief Haines was ill and incapable at that time. This is just another example of Sgt. Anders’ life devotion to generosity.

Rest easy, Sarge…

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